Mutoko Ruins

Visit Mutoko Monument (or Tere RaMakate (Makate’s Former Village)
Mutoko is a small town in Mashonaland East province, Zimbabwe. It was established as an administrative station in 1911. It lies 143 km from Harare. It is named after the local Chief Mutoko. Mutoko District is inhabited by the Buja People.
The Buja people are said to have settled in Mutoko from Mhingari in what is now Mozambique, led by Nehoreka, his father Mukombwe, his brothers Nyanzunzu and Mukwiradombo and sister Chingate (Nyamungate). It is said that Nehoreka found Makate and his people in this area and Nehoreka gave his sister Chingate (or Nyamungate) to Makate as a wife who later tricked Makate to lose the kingdom to Nohoreka. a spiritual leader of the Buja people. Nehoreka's totem is Shumba(lion) Nyamuzihwa.
The ruins are located in headman Rutsito’s area. In that area is a well that is believed to be sacred and that the Mutoko ancestors occasionally come to drink water from there. In fact, a lot of traditional healers from across the country make use of this well for their healing waters.
Mutoko is considered one of the major bread baskets of Zimbabwe.
Mutoko area is also known for being a very mountainous region of Zimbabwe and as such is an important source granite stone.
Visiting the Mutoko ruins is an authentic experience and will no doubt bring about a new kind of respect for the Buja people who settled in deep Mashonaland East.

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