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Misconceptions of the nyaminyami walking stick

Did You know? Misconceptions about the Nyaminyami Walking Stick and the BaTonga tribe. One of the most aesthetically appealing, cherished and enduring artistic items to come out of Kariba in particular, and the Zambezi Valley in general, is the iconic Nyaminyami Walking Stick. Laiton Mkandawire who has previously lived with the BaTonga sheds a different light on the Nyaminyami walking stick. Laiton states that it is not a Tonga creation but an artistic impression created by a gregarious and extremely talented carver named Rainos Tawonameso who is not a muTonga but hails from Bikita. The walking stick has no relevance or role in Tonga culture, save as an artistic representation of their lifestyle. Whilst the BaTonga can lay claim to...

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Capturing Death

Capturing death! In some communities, people perform a death avoiding ritual known as kuteya riva. Literally, kuteya riva is the rigging of a deadfall trap for catching mice. For ritualistic purposes, however, this is a spiritual trap that is kept hidden in a mountain. As long as it is not disturbed, the person lives on. To provide for the possibility that one could become too old to personally trigger the trap, they share details of the trap with a trusted relative such as a muzukuru. Some scholars have argued that this triggering of the riva by someone else is equivalent to euthanasia. And if they personally triggered it – a suicide? Source:

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Mysteries of my Inyangani

The Mysteries of Mt Inyangani Mount Nyangani is one mountain that is feared by most people that live in the Eastern Highlands and Zimbabwe as a whole where a number of people have disappeared without trace. The mountain is the highest in Zimbabwe standing at 2 592 metres (8 504 feet). Locals say when you come across a strange colourful snake, a smouldering clay pot with no fire in sight or a brick of gold, it’s best to pretend you have not seen anything and move on. Mt Nyangani is known, just like other places around the world, like the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil’s Triangle of Japan as being part of the mysteries and myths legends in the world....

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